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Soft Cloud investments cc is a local toilet paper manufacturing company that was founded and incorporated in the year 2011. Business was established to manufacture toilet and soft paper products for the local Namibian markets. Our factory is located at 31 Dr Knobel Street, Gobabis and our Windhoek office as head office , sales and Windhoek distribution is at 44 Van Rhijn Street.

With nothing but sheer determination and the desire to build a brand beyond the ordinary four previously disadvantaged and dedicated Namibians with over 50 years combined experience in various fields ranging from business management to the law started this operation. Soft cloud products are high quality toilet paper one ply and two ply toilet paper products. Business recently engaged Namibia standards institute to certify toilet paper and ensure that business is comply with the industry quality and service standards.

Soft Cloud investments prides itself as one of the few manufacturers of soft paper products like toilet paper, tissues, napkins as well as A4 photocopy paper in Namibia.

Soft Cloud investments was mainly target at the government stores, and different ministries, and as part of our turnaround strategy will also target parastatals, and private businesses to ensure that they reap the benefit of using quality locally produced toilet and different paper products. Soft Cloud is geared to service all the mentioned sectors

As pioneers in the local manufacturing industry we take great care in producing only the best quality paper products

3 000 000

We take care of your paper needs, be it at home or at work we are the perfect paper partners.

  • Introduce and supply locally made quality toilet paper to the Namibian market
  • Promote local manufacturing and trade amongst Namibian businesses
  • Create legendary service experience by supplying soft and paper branded products to our customers
  • Manufacture and Supply locally made A4 Bond and photocopy paper to the Namibian market and different customers.
  • Empower local Namibians to become entrepreneurs in the industry by encouraging them to buy and sell locally made soft cloud toilet and paper products
  • Promote excellence and quality Namibian products to other markets outside the borders of Namibia.

  • Created direct employments for 16 previously unemployed young people in Gobabis
  • Is the biggest local supplier of toilet paper and soft paper products
  • 1st Namibian business to provide tailor made specialised training to its employees on toilet paper and soft paper manufacturing.
  • supplied over 10 million rolls of quality toilet paper to the government stores, ministries, and the public businesses.
  • Became the 1st Namibia. Owned local business to empowered local Tenderpreneurs with toilet paper products to supply to different markets.
  • Maintain business relationship with over 20 customers who are buying toilet paper from Soft Cloud investments.

Our values Innovation Mastery Authentic Guts Ethics


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